Try The Texas Style Hot Dog From Cowtown Dogs Dallas Food Truck

hot dog

You’ve heard of the Chicago-style hot dog, but have you heard of the Texas-style hot dog? If not, it’s high time for you to give it a try. The ingredients are true to the texas style and bring some classic flavors to an old favorite, the hot dog. You can find the Texas-style hot dog at one of the best food trucks in Dallas– Cowtown Dogs. 

If you consider yourself to be a foodie, follow this Dallas food truck for some seriously good food. It doesn’t get more classic or simply delicious than this staple. Not only does this food truck sport the original Texas-style hot dog, but their other options are worth following this truck for too. Support this local Dallas food truck and satisfy your hunger. 

Texas Style Hot Dog

The original Texas-style hot dog originated in this Dallas food truck. It features a soft brioche bun filled to the brim with an all-beef hickory smoked dog, stone ground mustard, grilled jalapenos, chili, and sweet onions. Each ingredient is selected to bring a flavorful experience to this Dallas food truck. We have a special chili recipe that we incorporate into our dog menu for the best chili cheese dog you’ll have. 

Other Food Truck Favorites

We have other classic favorites on our menu like jumbo soft pretzels and caramel apples. Our lemonade is known as one of the best lemonades to grace your palate. Its sweet and tart flavor is the perfect refresher after a mildly spicy hot dog or Sloppy Eddie sandwich. If you have been craving a flavorful dog on a soft bun, this Dallas food truck can help you out and satisfy the craving. 

Rent Cowtown Dogs For Your Next Event

If you are hosting a party, consider hiring this Dallas food truck rather than catering. Not only does this ensure that each person will be happy with their food since they can order what sounds the most appealing to them, but it is also easier for you to plan your event. 

A food truck is eye-catching and will make your event all the more memorable. Take the stress out of coordinating with caterers and have Cowtown Dogs supply your event with their Dallas food truck deliciousness. 

Why Support Local Food Trucks?

There are many beneficial factors to buying from and supporting a local Dallas food truck. When you support local businesses it helps the local community and economy. Local businesses pay their employees and give them the opportunity of a job, which benefits the community. You want your neighbors to be employed so they can also contribute to the community and economy. 

When you support your community, the taxes from the purchase and more of the money spent on the item will go back into the community. You especially want to support restaurants and this Dallas food truck because they help keep people fed and provide a lot of jobs for the community. 

Call Cowtown Dogs

Call Cowtown Dogs to book this Dallas food truck at (469) 553-2265. We can serve you delicious bites at your next event or party or you can find the truck at one of our events. Let your food come to you in a truck ready to cook it fresh for you. Contact us to book the truck or to find out where it is. Find this Dallas food truck if you haven’t tried the original Texas-style hot dog. Let your inner “foodie” live a little with a fresh twist on an old classic.

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