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We have the keys in the truck ready to serve up our Texas Style Hot Dog at your next event. When you need catering, call cowtown dogs for catering. If you have never thought about hiring a food truck for your catering needs, here is your sign. Next, put that thought into action and give us a call. The best part is that we can take our Cowtown Truck to you, wherever you may be within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex! We aren’t just a hot dog truck, our truck is home to the Original Texas Style Hot Dog.

There are many benefits to calling a food truck for your catering needs, one is that we can go anywhere. Here are a few more reasons why you should call Cowtown Dogs for catering. We are the perfect choice for your next neighborhood event. Share the Cowtown Dog flavor with the people closest to you.


Food trucks can be easily moved to different locations, making them a convenient option for events at multiple locations or for events that are held outdoors. This is an especially useful perk of hiring a food truck for catering events if you are not sure where the best location for a food table will be yet, as a food truck can easily be moved. 


Food trucks often offer a variety of menu items, which can be a great way to please a diverse group of guests. It is hard to plan a menu for an event, so if you are struggling to create a menu that will appeal to your guests, eliminate this task by using a food truck for your catering event.

Appealing to your guests is one of the most difficult parts of party planning. When you hire a food truck for catering, you give your guests the ability to order exactly what they want, how they want it. We offer a variety of different hot dog styles, including our signature creation, The Original Texas Style Hot Dog. 

This Cowtown Dog original is a premium all-beef, hickory-smoked hot dog. We place it on a Euro Classic® Brioche bun topped with Raye’s® stone ground yellow mustard, marinated grilled jalapenos, and Sloppy Eddie chili. You can choose to top it all off with Dublin sweet onions or our Hot ‘n Spicy onion pepper mix.


Food trucks may be less expensive than traditional catering options, especially if you are hosting a large event. Our food truck catering prices are very reasonable and this makes it the perfect choice for your catering event. Just because you are trying to maintain a strict even budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your catering. We can satisfy your and your guests’ hunger without breaking the bank. 


Food trucks can handle all aspects of food service, including preparation, cooking, and clean-up, which can be a great convenience for event planners. When you have a strict timeline to set up and tear down your event, this convenience can alleviate a lot of stress you may usually experience. Allow us to do the cooking and cleaning for you, all you have to do is call!

Unique experience

Food trucks offer a unique and memorable dining experience for guests, which can be a great way to make your event stand out. When you are trying to throw a party or event your friends will never forget, call Cowtown Dogs for your catering needs.

Support Your Local Food Trucks

Using a local food truck for your catering event is also good for the local economy. Supporting local businesses helps the economy as money is being invested in your own city. Support local small businesses by calling Cowtown Dogs for your catering event and add a sense of community to the gathering. We are passionate about our hot dog craft and take pride in serving up high-quality hot dogs to you and your guests.

Call Cowtown Dogs For Catering

When you are planning an event, call Cowtown Dogs for catering. Reach us anytime at (469) 553-2265 or contact us when you need help planning your event. When you need help with catering, call Cowtown Dogs!

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