Incorporate Spooky Hot Dog Snacks Into Your Halloween Party

It’s never too early to start planning for your Halloween party. There are many things to think about, such as the decorations, the music, the drinks, and the snacks. It can all be really enjoyable though if you give yourself enough time to play around with ideas. Because you are reading this blog post, it is safe to say that you have already started planning your Halloween snacks. Are you a huge fan of hotdogs? So are we! That’s why we have created this post to give you some spooky ideas for hot dog snacks that will pass a chill through your guests’ spines.

Bloody Finger Hot Dogs

Did somebody cry “bloody murder?” Bloody finger hot dogs are a chilling snack to bring to the Halloween table. It looks like someone took a butcher’s knife, sliced off people’s fingers, and served them in a fresh bun. Yum. Dinner’s ready! You can even add some ketchup to gory up the scene and maybe some hungry spiders too. Spook your friends with this horrifyingly tasty snack. It’s time to have a bloody time!

Crescent Mummy Dogs

This Halloween hot dog snack is a popular choice! Wrap your wieners in bread in zigzag style and voila. You’ve got yourself a mummy dog! You can also make a spooky dip by simply adding googly eyes to your ketchup or mustard dip.

Spooky Spider Halloween Hot Dogs

You’d be amazed at how many hot dog snacks you can make with bread. Slice a wiener into four individual parts lengthwise and wrap them up with bread right in the middle to hold them together. Add two eyes to the bread and there you have it. An eight-leg crawly, delicious dream.

Rattlesnake Bite Hot Dog

This recipe is a bit more complex, but if you love to be in the kitchen and engage your creative juices, this recipe is for you! You can create a long snake made out of wieners wrapped in bread and add olives at the front of the snake for the eyes and a slice of red pepper for the tongue. We don’t know what’s scarier–the snake in Harry Potter or this delicious Halloween hot dog snack!

Halloween Hotdog Worms

Cut up your hot dog wieners into skinny strips and stick a fake hand into a bowl. Then, have these thin, slimy strips surround the hand and hang off of its fingers. There’s nothing more appetizing than fresh worms à la carte.

Frankenstein Corn Dogs

Now you don’t want to scare your guests away from eating all of your food. Stick some mini pretzel sticks on the sides of mini corn dogs and paint Frankenstein’s face with dyed-black ketchup or mustard. It’s a great way to keep things PG and treat your guests.

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