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We’re passionate about our hot dogs

Welcome to Cowtown Dogs, where every dish is brimming with flavor and fresh ingredients. Our mobile food truck came into existence simply because a couple of guys really loved hot dogs and thought the DFW metroplex should have a signature recipe. This revelation sparked the idea for the Original Texas style hot dog and introduced a new standard for regional hot dogs. Come try us out!

Dallas-Fort Worth is the only major area in the United States without a specialty hot dog. If you look at L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, NYC, Detroit, or anywhere else– they have a hot dog that represents the area and the people who live there. It becomes a symbol of the their city. DFW doesn’t have that, and we think that’s a shame because Texas is a unique state with bold and enterprising folks. That’s why we created a hot dog that is special to this place and represents Texans, the Texas hot dog.

Meanwhile, our competitors are set on making Chicago hot dogs, but the problem is– that’s just not Texas. You’ll see a lot of local restaurants using bland beef or dogs with natural casings. These are okay, but they’re not original. 

More importantly, our research showed us that 70% of Texans don’t like the natural casing, and being that this is Texas– 100% BEEF is the only way to go! Our food is specifically crafted to fit the tastes of Texans and create a one-of-a-kind experience. 

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Try A Real Texas Hot Dog


This delicious spin on the traditional classic will have any Texan that tries it salivating. This signature recipe comes complete with a premium, all-beef hot dog, Raye’s® stone ground yellow mustard, marinated and grilled jalapeños, Sloppy Eddie chili, and caramelized Dublin sweet onions or our hot ‘n spicy onion pepper mix, which all rest on a Euro Classic Brioche Bun®.

These spicy ingredients will bring a delightful heat and flavor with every bite!



Cowtown Dogs is all about bringing gourmet hot dogs to Texans on the go. That’s why we’re a great option for college campuses, Quinceañera’s  or whenever a Texan wants a tasty meal.

At Cowtown Dogs, its never been easier to grab a bite and get right back to your day. Contact us today and ask us about our food truck catering services!


Right from the start, we knew we could only use the best ingredients if we were going to set the standard for hot dogs in Texas. No ingredient could play a supporting role. After a lot of research and taste testing, we’re confident that we’ve found the perfect ingredients to make your taste buds dance. 

We’re positive that our hot dogs are the best around because we sampled 30 different brands before landing on our premium 100% beef hot dogs. They’re sourced directly from a trusted company that has been known for offering high quality meat products since 1933. But a great hot dog doesn’t stop with the meat. They also season their hot dogs with a proprietary blend of spices and smoke them over hickory wood to ensure each hotdog has an exquisite flavor.  

We also use delicious brioche buns and rolls for all of our dishes because the bread sets the tone for the overall flavor of the hot dog. These buns have a rich flavor creating a high-quality base that contributes to the wonderful flavor of our Cowtown dogs and Sloppy Eddie Chili Sandwiches. 

Next, we dress our Cowtown dogs with fresh toppings which turn our hotdogs into real showstoppers. Our mustard is sourced from the only company that utilizes the traditional stone ground mill method in the country since 1900. We also offer an array of toppings including, marinated and grilled jalapeños, sweet Dublin onions, and our hot ‘n spicy onion pepper mix. However, our real crowd favorite is the Sloppy Eddie chili. This delicious topping combines the best parts of Sloppy Joe and chili.

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