5 Fun Facts About Hot Dogs

Undoubtedly, hot dogs are the best summer food. Not only can they be prepared to be a light dish, but they are also great fillers for a hungry party. And the best part about hot dogs is that you have the best in Dallas at your fingertips. Cowtown Dogs is home to the original Texas hot dog, and our food truck is located in a parking lot right downtown. Whether you are a big fanatic of hot dogs or you eat them occasionally, we are here to relate to you 5 fun facts we bet you didn’t know about hot dogs!

The Origin of the Hot Dog

Like many foods, finding out the true origin is difficult when you have 7 continents to take into consideration. Some historians say they were created in Frankfurt, Germany, while others say Vienna, Austria. However, we can tell you where a hot dog cart made its first appearance in America. Drum roll…New York City– the city of mobile fast food establishments that are popular to this day. Charles Feltman began serving hot dogs in Coney Island, in 1867. They were a huge hit, and they traveled throughout the country, making their way down to Texas.

Americans Eat a LOT of Hot Dogs

Americans purchase 9 billion hot dogs per year from grocery stores, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC). However, that’s not including what is eaten at food trucks, restaurants, ballparks, or other events. Therefore, the NHDSC estimates that the total number consumed in America every year is approximately 20 billion!

Hot Dogs Are An Approved Space Food

Astronauts get to spice up their meals with a hot dog! This delicious treat has passed NASA’s lengthy approval process. How about a savory hot dog with a side of freeze-dried ice cream? Bon Appétit!

Most Expensive Hot Dog: Whopping $2,300

The most expensive hot dog can be found at 230 Fifth in New York City. The sausage is made out of top-grade Japanese wagyu beef that is topped with onions. Doesn’t seem too extravagant? Well, the onions are caramelized in champagne. But that’s not the only topping that gets a taste of champagne. The sauerkraut is also braised in champagne. Not to mention, the hot dog is topped with caviar. If this sounds like your cup of tea, make sure to order it 48 hours in advance.

World Record for Hot Dog Eating: 76

Did someone say big appetite? At the annual Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest, Joey Chestnut broke his own world record on July 4th, 2021 by consuming 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes!

The Best Hot Dogs in Dallas 

Now that you’ve read a whole blog about hot dogs, are you in the mood for one? Cowtown Dogs is your go-to food truck in Dallas! We serve a wide variety of hot dogs, from the Classic Dog to the Stockyard Hot Link. We have a recipe that will satisfy all of your taste buds! Although our hot dogs aren’t literally worth a thousand dollars, they are priceless. Come see for yourself!